We believe sustainability and environmental leadership is essential for our long term survival on this planet. 

Wild Oceans Pty Ltd is dedicated to focussing on fishing and other natural products from those countries and fisheries that take this challenge seriously.

As the worlds hunger for quality, natural seafood continues to grow, we believe that increasing demand will add even greater pressures to the ambassadors of our natural resources. Thru a collective global support of those fisheries moving in the right direction, we have a chance to ensure that those resources will be here for our children’s children and even longer still.

In this regard we support where possible such things as ;

  • Turtle Exclusive Devices
  • Fish Exclusion Devices
  • Dolphin and sea mammal protections
  • Advanced Net Designs
  • Seal Exclusion Devices
  • Size Restrictions
  • Total Fishery Take Limitations / Quota’s
  • Male / Female Breeder / Biomass controls
  • Undersize Escape Gaps
  • Seasonal Restrictions
  • By-catch reductions, controls & limits
  • Energy Efficiencies
  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council)


Photographer (R.Landy)

Photographer (R.Landy)