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Golden Crab (Crystal Crab)

Origin : USA (Florida Keys)
Species : (Chaceon fenneri)

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The very delicate flavour of this crab lends itself to a wide variety of seafood recipes and is extremely well favoured by Asian chefs. Generally sold LIVE into Asia, it is also produced in the more economical frozen ‘cluster’ form for Western markets.

Frozen Golden Crab ClustersThe preferred way to prepare Golden Crab in the US is to steam and serve with melted butter however it can also be used in a wide range of crab, shrimp & lobster recipes.

Unlike other crabs, the shell of the golden crab does not turn red during cooking. Although it does exhibit splashes of orange at leg joints and back shell, predominantly it remains a cream colour.

Traps are usually set at depths of over 2000 feet off the US East Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico north of the Florida Keys. Although caught off the Florida coast, this species comes from cold & extremely deep water. It is very closely related to the Crystal Crab (Chaceon bicolor) which is caught off the coast of South Western Australia and sold live into most Asian markets.

Availability : Golden crabs are available in moderate supply year round.

Deep Sea Golden Crab (Crystal Crab)

Frozen Golden Crab ClustersFully Cooked & Cleaned ‘Clusters’
Export Packed 1 x 20lb (9.07kg) per master carton
Packed 100% net weight
Glazed protected (approx 10% glaze)
Blast Frozen, No Chemicals or Preservatives Added
Processed only from LIVE Wild Caught


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Live Fire Crabs.JPGA smaller bright red Chaceon species is also now available ;

Deep Sea Red Crab (Red FIRE Crab)
Origin : USA
Species : (Chaceon fenneri)

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