PakSense TXi™

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Enabling Better Quality and Safety Decisions

PakSense time and temperature monitoring labels are flat, about the size of a sugar packet, and are able to digitally record time and temperature of a product’s environment during the entire distribution cycle. Acceptable temperature range specifications are pre-programmed into each label by PakSense and can be customized for each product application, such as meats, seafood, produce or pharmaceuticals. The user simply snaps the corner of the label to activate it and attaches it to product. Labels are encased in food-grade packaging, are waterproof, and can record data for up to eight weeks. Each label is identified by a unique serial number. PakSense TXi Labels are easy to use and provide incredible insight into what happens to product during distribution.

Knowledge Empowers

Labels can be read in two ways. First, LEDs indicate if a shipment remained within acceptable temperature specifications. A flashing green LED indicates conditions were always within acceptable parameters; yellow indicates conditions drifted outside of acceptable range and data should be downloaded from the label for further examination. LED indicators are useful for staff unloading product because they provide quick visual indication on whether temperature abuse occurred during shipping, enabling quick accept/reject decisions.

For a more comprehensive view of temperature fluctuations experienced during distribution, all temperature readings stored in the memory of the PakSense TXi Label can be downloaded via the PakSense Reader into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. After the download is complete, the label is automatically saved under the unique serial number assigned to the label. Time and temperature information is graphed and individual data points are displayed in a spreadsheet format. Additionally, total out of temperature range tallies are available in the spreadsheet, helping customers determine the overall extent of temperature abuse.

Data is stored in each label in non-volatile memory and can be downloaded at any time in the future. PakSense TXi Labels can be stapled to shipping paperwork for those who wish to file temperature information with a bill of lading or other documentation.

With information provided by the customer, PakSense can also extrapolate a
remaining shelf-life estimate or PakSense Quality Indicator (PQI). This helps users determine what effect temperature variation during shipping has had on a product’s shelf life or level of freshness. This helps users make better decisions about product quality and safety.

Completely Customizable

Virtually every feature of the PakSense TXi Label can be customized. Graphics of the product being shipped or a company’s logo can be added to the label. A delay before an LED alert is triggered can also be programmed into the label to prevent false alarms. For customers who wish to do anonymous temperature monitoring audits, LEDs can be removed from the label altogether.

How Will You Use It?

The form factor of the PakSense TXi Label promotes its use in a variety of scenarios:

  • It can be used as a money-saving replacement for traditional temperature monitoring devices, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars per year
  • Several labels can be used throughout a shipment in a temperature mapping scenario, providing broader sampling information
  • Food-grade packaging enables it to be placed directly on product, virtually eliminating ambient temperature readings
  • It is encased in waterproof packaging and can be placed on iced-products or submerged in liquid prior to reading
  • Small form factor enables it to be placed within small containers and enables it to be mailed back in the postal system for reading at a central location


Label Options PakSense Short Haul PakSense Standard PakSense Long Haul PakSense Data Logger
Label Life (days)
Flash Yellow LEDs
NO (OK LED remains)
Time Between Flashes (seconds)
Variation Limit
1.0F (0.5C)
2.7F (1.5C)
7.2F (4.0C)
2.7F (1.5C)
Time Between Forced Writes (minutes)
Programmable temp ranges & alert profiles

*PakSense Custom labels can also be created which go beyond standard label configurations.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5°C (1.5F°)
Operating Temperatures: -18°C to +55°C (0°F to 131°F)
Size: 45mm x 54mm pouched size (1.75" x 2.125" )
Product Formats: Self-adhesive label with glue dot available upon request
Visual Indicators: 3 emitters: Amber, Green, Amber or none
Visual Indication: System OK; Over/Under temp
Data Tracking: Once per minute sample rate with programmable Delta Compression Data Storage
Memory Size: 4 KBytes
Battery: 3V Lithium-ion, weight 1.6 grams
Shelf Life: 3-6 months depending on programming
Active Recording Life: 4-8 weeks, depending on programming
Activation: Manual snap tab activates label (flash sequence confirms activation)

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